Some of you may have noticed a new face at El Kabron Cliff Club in recent months, particularly upon entering the dining area. Martin Le Chaux is the gentleman in question and he is our new Restaurant Manager and has been doing a sterling job in offering that personal touch for guests to El Kabron.

Originally from the celebrated Aix-En-Provence region in France, found 20 minutes outside of Marseille, Martin’s French roots mean he has a natural understanding of Mediterranean culture and is therefore perfectly able to relay this to our staff, as it is a key element of who we are as an establishment.

From France, Martin relocated to London to further his career and then went on to spend five years at the famous and prestigious Royal Sydney Golf Course. Martin left his position at this extremely renowned venue to move to Bali and we are extremely pleased and grateful that he did, as he has been a great asset to the team since he joined us in June of this year.

We took the time to speak to Martin to allow you to get to know him before you next visit us at El Kabron, Martin is always on hand to welcome guests and offer any advice or recommendations on our selection of Mediterranean inspired food and beverage offerings and ensure that your El Kabron experience is one that you will cherish long after you have driven away from our exclusive cliff-top perch in Uluwatu…

How long have you been in Bali and what was your background before joining the team at El Kabron as Restaurant Manager?

I have been in Bali for a year and half now, my background has always been in hospitality, I started in France, moved to London in 2008 working in Chelsea at The Bluebird restaurant, I then moved in Sydney working in Rose bay at The Royal Sydney Golf Club for over 5 years

What are your thoughts on Bali and Indonesia in comparison to other places you have worked and lived, prior to coming here?

It’s very different, most likely due to the culture, it is both challenging and rewarding. Indonesians have this natural way of greeting, welcoming and doing their best to make people feel comfortable

What are your favourite getaways to visit in Bali when you have time off work?

Definitely Nusa Penida, beautiful sceneries, very relaxing, and still very deep into the “Balinese” culture

Iconic View From Nusa Penida, One Of Martin's Favorite Getaways

Iconic View From Nusa Penida, One Of Martin’s Favorite Getaways

What is your preferred cocktail of choice?

I would go for an Espresso Martini, but I am more of a wine drinker or alterntiavely i do like a classic Gin & Tonic which is forunate as at El Kabron we have a great G&T selection to chose from.

If you had to select one, what would be your favourite dish from the El Kabron menu?

The squid ink paella, I love the taste, the saltiness of it. I used to travel a lot to Spain when i was younger and always enjoyed the many different paellas you can find there.

What are your preferred eateries to wine and dine at on the island, other than El Kabron of course?

Sardine would be on top of my list, I have never been disappointed with any of their fish, and I also love the wednesday’s special couscous in Metis.

The Iconic Balinese Sunset As Seen From El Kabron Cliff Club

The Iconic Balinese Sunset As Seen From El Kabron Cliff Club

El Kabron obviously prides itself on its Mediterranean inspired menu, what dishes would you recommend guests to consider when they join us?

Many of the dishes from our tapas selection, like the baby octopus, and our imported cheeses and cold cuts. For mains I often reccomened guests to go with the paella selection on offer.

What in your opinion are the key elements that have made El Kabron such a popular destination over such a sustained period of time?

The prime location right on the edge of the cliff with it’s all year round sunset, every day I am continually stunned by the view. The food comes in a very close second with quality ingredients and a lot of passion from our Chef that you can find resulting on the plate.

There are some on-going renovations at El Kabron currently, can you please give us an insight into what improvements guests will be able to expect when these are completed?

It will definitely be a big advantage for us to grow and offer guests more space, as during high season in particular most of our areas fill up pretty fast. Guests will be able to enjoy a second longer pool, more facilities and easier access

Sum up El Kabron in 3 words…

Sunsets, Mediterranean, exclusivity.